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Dynatec Scientific Laboratories, is the Medical Device Laboratory which holds "THE KEY TO MARKET ADVANTAGE". From product development to regulatory compliance...Let Dynatec do it all for you!

Dynatec can supply the following products from various vendors.

Biological Indicators (Viable)

  • Self Contained Dual Indicators #BIC
  • Spore Strips B. #BIS
  • Spore Disc. B. #BID
  • Nalgene Polyprolene 250 ml bottles with Thiosulfate tablets #SLSN
  • Depyrogenated Jars LAL Container (Kendall) 5 oz. #SLS-L
  • ETO Gas Tape (Non-Sterile) #SLS-G
  • Gamma/E-Beam Sterilization Dots ½” Roll of 500

Color change from yellow to red. Dosage Range 10KGy.

Certification of Analysis Available

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