Microbial Identification

Dynatec offers state of the art microbial identification services under the direction of Certified Laboratory Scientists (CLS). Dynatec uses conventional biochemical assays and microscopy for identifying the types of organism encountered in product and or your environmental facility. Dynatec also has the capability to analyze microorganisms using the fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) system.

Dynatec’s staff are certified Laboratory Scientist (CLS), and Registered Medical Technologists (Med Techs). The Identification department utilizes traditional staining and biochemical methods.

Rapid Microbial Identification – GC Fatty Acid Analysis-Bacteria, mold and yeast is identified utilizing the MIS-System. Submit your environmental isolates to Dynatec’s Chemistry Department for accurate and rapid analysis.

Dynatec can supply you with transport containers and in some cases with on-site assessment.

Put Us To The Test

Send us your bacterial samples for us to identify.

Dynatec’s staff is available to assist you with your Microbial Identification needs. Call 915-849-1322 (ext. 107) or email dynatec@dynateclabs.com.

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