We are pleased to announce the microbial testing services offering by Dynatec Scientific Laboratories (Dynatec) are now part of STERIS

As part of the integration into the STERIS organization, we are in the process of transitioning the microbiology testing services offering to the STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies website.

The clean room engineering services offered by Dynatec are not part of the combination with STERIS, and this business will continue to operate independently under Dynatec Scientific Laboratories. There will be no change to the current website address, www.dynatec-labs.com, for the clean room engineering services offered by Dynatec Scientific Laboratories. 

The microbial testing services business is now part of STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies. The combination of Dynatec and STERIS further supports our commitment to Customers by providing a comprehensive portfolio of microbiological and product and packaging testing services for the validation of sterile medical devices. Product release to market is further supported by the STERIS AST global network of contract sterilization facilities.

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